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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 4, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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it's "closing argument" time. well, as with told you earlier, sarah palin announced her intention to resign as governor of alaska at the end of the month, to avoid being a lame duck she said. but what she didn't say is what her future plans are. so we ask you what do you think
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is next for sarah palin? tell us what you think by clicking on the "nightline" page at or at the "nightline" twitter page. sunday on this week, my colleague george stephanopoulos will have an exclusive interview with joe biden from iraq, where he has been asked by president obama to help oversee the withdraw of the u.s. troops from iraqi city. you don't want to miss that on sunday morning. that's our report for tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next. i'm terry moran. for cynthia mcfadden and martin bashir, good night, america, and have a happy and safe and festive 4th of july. tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> josh duhamel. >> as we learned on the internet, your wife beat up perez hilton. did you feel upset that you were not the one who did it?
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>> we laughed, we cried. uncle frank and guillermo with their big announcement. >> one of the great benefits of having a tv show is for me anyway, being able to dress up as a chimp. >> abchdht, mhbot. >> tracy hutson. >> there's another book called feathering the nest. an interactive workbook to a loving lesbian relationship. >> "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes with josh duhamel, tracy hutson and music from bat for lashes.
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edition", tracy hutson. jimmy the talking chimp. and music from bat for lashes. with cleto and the cletones. and now, back by popular demand, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by abc, inc. >> hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. thanks for coming. thanks for joining our celebration of the lord tonight. [ laughter ] hey, did any of you watch jon and kate plus eight on monday night? i tivoed it, don't tell me what happened. i hope they stay together.
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i really am. they did not stay together. according to the big ratings they got, there is nothing america loves more than watching a good old fashioned divorce. they drew a record 10.6 million viewers which i think is all the super bowls combined, a lot of people. they say it's the biggest reality show split since richard hatch got separated from his pants. the ratings were so big, our own network abc is pressuring us to do something similar. my vote is to make kate the next bachelorette. they're seeing dollar signs and they want results now. i hope you enjoy this, this is -- this is a new show within our show. it's a breakup show and we have very high hopes for it. take a look. >> they have laughed. they've cried. [ laughter ] and tonight, they call it quits. i'm just not happy in this relation -- it's driving me crazy. >> uncle frank and guillermo with their big announcement.
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tonight on "jimmy kimmel live." >> who this? >> stupid. >> you know what? [ cheers and applause ] oh, look, they're back together. you know, the most unfortunate part of this is not jon and kate, but their children who have to go through all this in front of tv cameras. this is why you don't make your family into a reality show. unfortunately for the eight gosselin kids though, there is someone out there who's there and ready to help. >> attention reality show offspring. did your parents exploit you? are they dysfunctional, are they causing you emotional trauma? which will require you years of therapy to overcome? if so, you may be entitled to a large cash award. the law offices of greenberg and greenberg are here to help you whether you're a gosselin, a sue a suleman, a hammer, a lohan,
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or a girl from wife swap. >> i won't be coming out until saturday when you leave! >> we'll help you get what you deserve. gary greenberg, jr., what do we say? >> i don't wanna. >> i said do it, now! >> call today. >> good boy. here's a pickle. the law offices of greenberg and greenberg, specializing in reality show exploitation since 1998. what are you waiting for? >> shut up! >> he gave him a pickle. very nice. it's really how crazy how much attention this is getting. jon and kate are on the cover of every magazine and on every tv show. you'd pretty much have to sneak out of the governor's mansion and spend six days holed up in
12:14 am
argentina holed up with your mistress not to have heard about it. did you hear about that? the governor of south carolina, mark sanford disappeared without telling his staff or his wife where he went. then he said -- or they said he was hiking in the appalachians and today, he head -- he held a press conference to announce he went to argentina to visit his mistress, maria. this is someone who thought he would be a candidate for the president the next time around. he won't, by the way. he appeared very relaxed. he said his wife has known about the affair for months and watch the people standing in back of him here. >> i have been unfaithful to my wife. i have developed a relationship with a -- which started out as a dear, dear friend. >> that woman was smiling through the whole thing. the guy is on stage confedding to -- confessing to an affair, essentially ending his career on stage and she
12:15 am
looked like show's about to get ice cream or something. i guess -- apparently, the smile had something to do with her vantage point. >> i'm committed to that process of walking through with jenny, with the boys, with tom davises of the world, in the state of south carolina and saying where do we go from here? >> casual wednesday. that's what goes on there. hot in the summer in south carolina. somehow the local newspaper there got ahold of some of his e-mails to his mistress. this is why we need to do away with e-mail by the way. but newspapers never find good things in e-mails. so newspapers never say we went through your e-mails and we found the cure to parkinson's disease. for instance. [ laughter ] or rarely i should say. one of the e-mails the governor talks about the curve of his lady friend's hips and her magnificent gentle kisses. which i'll admit i was aroused by that. needless to say, this is not great news for the republican party.
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so many prominent republicans have been caught in these situations lately, mark sanford, larry craig, david vitter, dave -- john enson from nevada. do you know want know why this is happening? the gays. they destroyed the institution of marriage and this is what we get. that's why these guys were fighting against -- hey, never mind. you know what? when our governor in california goes to south america to unwind, he does the right thing. ♪ he brings an entire film crew with him to videotape. by the way, that's the man who runs our whole giant state. [ cheers and applause ] in other international news, if you're planning a trip to north korea, don't go. the north koreans are accusing us of trying to start another war, and they're saying that they will wipe us out if we do. they're probably kidding though, right? they have a good sense of humor about this sort of stuff. i think north korea would be friendlier to us if we start calling them noco.
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last sunday, the los angeles lakers won the championship. in orlando. and everybody knows they have a lot of celebrity fans, jack nicholson, denzel washington. there's a long list. but it turn out the lakers aren't the newly crowned champions to have fans. in fact, the pittsburgh penguins won the stanley cup and who better to congratulate them than new age keyboard sensation, yanni. ♪ >> congratulations fans on your -- congratulations, pens, on your third stanley cup win. way to go. [ laughter ] >> well, i'll tell you, nothing says hockey like yanni in a light blue jersey. [ laughter ] i have four words for you, yanni, bring back the mustache. an exciting episode of paris hilton "my new bff".
12:18 am
it was on last night on mtv. well, they're ail exciting and in this one paris was trying to decide which potential bff to eliminate so she brought in her most trusted adviser to help her sort things out. >> tinker bell helped me make many decisions in my life. she has great instincts. >> hi, doggie. >> hi, baby. you're so cute. >> take a good look, tinker bell. >> hey, buddy. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> they say you should never make sudden movements around a rat in a turtleneck. so -- [ laughter ] one more thing, this is a local news story from the fox affiliate in cleveland. someone spotted a bear in their backyard. which is a big deal in cleveland.
12:19 am
i guess they don't have a lot of that going on there. we don't have that here, but even though they weren't able to get actual footage of a bear, they got some exciting video for the 6:00 news. >> i was so pumped, i was sweating. >> sweating because a black bear was roaming through tina's back yard. >> the operator said what is your emergency? i said you're not going to believe this, but there's a black bear in my woods. >> tina was too stunned to get a picture, but this is probably what the bear looked like, except real. in a few minutes later, it was spotted through the home. this recreation shows how the bear escaped in the woods, according to witnesses. >> what kind of cgi did they use to get that effect? it would have been great if someone had shot him. running through the -- that wasn't it either. they showed for no apparent reason that bears are excellent climbers. >> the naturalist carly martin explains that black bears can be on the ground or can climb in trees. [ laughter ] >> shame on you, cleveland metro parks naturalist carly martin.
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on the show tonight, josh duhamel. tracy hutson is here. "from extreme makeover, home edition". we have music from bat for lashes. and when we come back, meet jimmy, the talking chimp. stick around. & you owow what i love t t raisin bran crunch®? all the delicius raisins.
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♪ hi, there, welcome back to the show. joining us tonight from "transformers, revenge of the fallen", which opened today, josh duhamel. josh duhamel, very nice guy. his wife is fergie from the black eyed peas, who is currently embroiled in a violent squabble with perez hilton. [ laughter ] true. also tonight, from "extreme
12:25 am
makeover, home edition", she has a new book called "feathering the nest", tracy hutson is here. and later on -- this book looks wholesome, but inside, nothing but pornography. weird. and later, this is her new album "two suns", music from bat for lashes. storm night, we have a new -- tomorrow night, we have a new show. still to come this week, shia labeouf, june diane raphael, eric hutchinson, megan fox, david cross and music from phoenix. so join us for that. one of the great benefits of having a tv show is being able to dress up as a chimp any time you like. i decided i wanted to dress up as a chimp. i put prosthetics on my face and they actually trimmed some hair from my body to make it more realistic. with the help of my animal trainer, cousin sal, we built a cage and we had children come
12:26 am
from off the street to say hello to jimmy the talking chimp. >> hello, come on up and meet jimmy the talking chimp. okay. tell him your name. >> maya. >> maya, this is jimmy. jimmy, maya. how old are you, maya? >> 5. >> you want to tell him what you did today so far? >> i take pictures with batman and pirates. and -- >> real pirates? >> yeah. >> oh. >> have you ever met a talking animal? you never have? >> well, i can talk to parrots. >> yes, you talked to parrots, parrots, they talk, but they're not too smart. they're like polly wanna a cracker. they say pretty bird, which is pretty egotistical, i think. i'll tell you if you're a pretty bird.
12:27 am
>> yeah, my cousin got -- got one and it died and then they -- for their birthday they got another parrot. >> so then the parrot died and then they just replaced it? >> yeah. >> what happened to it? >> they forgot to feed him and -- >> they forgot to feed him? oh, no. so he starved to death? so polly really did want a cracker then? [ laughter ] ironic, isn't it? [ laughter ] >> well, i got a pet too. >> you do? >> it's kind -- i got two fish and two frogs and one snail. >> what did you name them? >> i didn't know their names. >> you didn't give them a name? >> no. >> what about the snail, does the snail have a name? well, let's give them a name right now then. let's see. i think you should call the frog pickles. >> i got two frogs. >> okay.
12:28 am
call one of them butt head. pickles and butthead. >> nice names for frogs. >> i think you should call the snail leonard. >> snail -- >> so we've got pickles the frog. what's the other frog's name? >> butthead. >> butthead. >> pickles and butthead and then what's the snail's name? >> leonard. >> leonard. tell those guys i said hello. >> okay. >> okay. >> are you in kindergarten? >> yeah. >> will you learn the abc's there? >> yeah. >> abcdefg -- >> i know my abc's. abchtlt -- nhrobot. hhh, htt, hhhhhh.
12:29 am
hhhhbom, h -- that's it. [ laughter ] >> nothing that three years of therapy won't work out. we'll be right back with josh duhamel. but nononearly as important as outer beauty. that's why i useseovergirl's simply ageless makeup and wrinkles and actually make you look older. simply ageless ayays suspspded over lines and makekeyou look amazing. simply ageless from olay d ea, , breezy, beautiful covergirl. ♪ , anand try new simply ageless ulpting blush to bring out your cheekbones
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♪ hi, there, we're back. still to come on the show, tracy hutson will be here, bat for lashes will join us. earlier this year, our first guest married a member of a very dangerous street gang called black eyed peas. starting today, you can see him alongside shia labeouf and megan fox in "transformers, revenge of the fallen". please welcome josh duhamel. [ cheers and applause ] what's happening?
12:34 am
i heard on -- i heard from a good authority that the movie opened at midnight last night. well, that everyone knew. >> yeah. >> already made $16 million. >> did it really? >> in the middle of the night. >> that's fantastic. that's what we were hoping for. >> that's ridiculous. >> i heard it's the biggest opening ever for a wednesday night. they found some way to make it the biggest thing. >> well, it's big. people love the transformers. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> it only cost $15 million to make so everything else is gravy. >> yes. now we're -- >> you're going to need that $16 million for your various legal fees because as we learned on the internet, your wife beat up perez hilton is that what happen? >> yeah, she's a regular bad ass my wife. >> this is a difficult situation for you to be in as a husband. well, people say nasty things about you, you know, you can -- you go, all right, it's about me. but then people say things about
12:35 am
your wife and it makes you very upset. >> you're right about that. it's -- i try not to get too into it because i don't think he deserves that much. i think he's gotten more press than he deserves from this whole thing. but, you know, you put yourself out there. you know, in the business, you put yourself out there for criticism and whatnot. but he goes a little below the belt and i felt that it was -- you know, and when you poke somebody in the chest enough and call them enough names, i think sometimes it's good to get your nose butted. >> did you feel upset that you were not the one to do it? >> a little bit. >> because you're the husband. >> i kind of wished it was me. >> it makes you look a little bit bad that somebody else beat you to it. >> yeah, i would have done the same thing. that would have been me. i don't know. you know, it's -- >> how long have you been married now? >> we have been married since -- a little over six months, since january 10. >> you had a top secret wedding. even you were not allowed to know where it was. [ laughter ] >> no, i didn't find out
12:36 am
until the day before. literally -- nobody knew. >> i had to keep it quiet from my mother also. >> from your mother and -- from my mother and her mother too. they like to gossip. >> well, they get excited about weddings and that sort of thing. was it a fun wedding? >> it was the best day of my life. >> oh. >> all right. he's attractive enough. >> i mean, you hope -- my experience with weddings is that usually you go and it's -- it's traditional. and you just -- you hope that it's fun and my whole thing, we're going to get it over with, and do it all traditional and do it the right way and then we're going to blow it out and that what's we did. it turned out better -- better than i expected. >> who at your wedding got drunker than anyone? >> at my wedding that would have been me. >> really? how did you express that intoxication?
12:37 am
did you do anything weird? >> yeah, i did, actually. i got up -- okay. we had slash play guitar. >> wow. >> that was pretty cool. >> wow, he does weddings now? >> and then kid rock gets up and plays. >> oh, wow. >> everybody. i couldn't believe it, it was like a concert, you know, at my wedding. i thought this is not happening. and then me being the dumb ass i am, hey, it's my wedding, i'm going to get up and sing bon jovi "living on a prayer". [ laughter ] and i thought it was good until i saw the wedding video. >> uh-huh. [ laughter ] >> we actually called up the -- we said, make sure you keep that bon jovi [ bleep ] forever and then we said, can you please edit that out? >> we called them and said, please tell me you didn't edit that out because we'd like to show it on the show and he said, sorry, we edited it out. well, that's a shame.
12:38 am
>> you guys tried to get it here? >> yeah. >> i didn't know that. it's not edited out yet. >> will you save it for the next time you come here? i'd love to see it. i'd love to dedicate a good song -- >> i think bon jovi would sue me. >> that must have been a highlight for slash and his career. >> yeah. yeah. that's what i was thinking, man, he's really slumming it, playing guitar at our wedding. hey, whatever, he did it. and we had an absolute blast. >> the last time you were here, we were talking about a restaurant you were opening with your friend. who's the friend? >> my friend chas smith. >> chas? >> yeah. we call him smitty. >> smitty. everyone needs to have a friend named smitty. not everyone does have one. >> yeah. >> did you guys -- you opened the restaurant and how did it work out because as i recall, i was warning you against giving your friend money -- a friend named smitty money to open a restaurant. because it seemed like a bad idea. >> well, you know, it was -- it
12:39 am
was something -- we were both living in new york at the same time. he was living with his wife and i was working there and he always talked about opening up a restaurant back home. he wanted to move back home, and i said okay, and i didn't think he'd do it, but he did. i think he opened up the best restaurant in minot, north dakota. if you're ever in minot, north dakota -- >> doesn't seem like they're going to be. [ laughter ] >> make sure you go to 10 north main and he did it. he did it. >> you sent me a menu from the restaurant. >> i heard you thought it was real. >> i did think it was real. it said it had squirrel on the menu. you were talking about putting squirrel on the menu. it printed up like it was real. >> we joked about what was on the menu, and he said what do you serve and i said squirrel. it went over well, by the way. i sent a menu here with squirrel on the menu. >> i thought you were serving squirrel. i don't know what goes on in the south. i'm not part of that community. >> i'm more sophisticated than
12:40 am
that. it's sushi squirrel. >> really? nice and raw squirrel. i bet it's delicious. so there's no squirrel at the restaurant? >> no squirrel. but there -- >> it's doing well? >> it's doing great. its doing great. i wish i could take credit for it, but i go there and eat. >> that's all you do. but you financed it. >> well, i financed a little bit of it. he deserves the credit. >> i don't believe that. i have smitties in my life too. in the new movie, you're with shia labeouf and megan fox. i heard it was dangerous and the director appears to have no regard for human life whatsoever. >> michael bay. >> and he doesn't really care -- >> he's -- he just likes to blow it out. >> we have a clip of the movie. >> okay. >> does it -- does the clip need to be set up? >> no. i don't even know what it is. >> i don't either. well, let's experience it together for the very first time. "transformers, revenge of the fallen". take a look. >> try to cover the toxic spill, they had to evacuate the area.
12:41 am
and this make -- we have to make sure this does not get out to the public eye, so keep it tight. >> here we go now. ♪ >> it's close. getting closer. >> oh, no. what have we got? >> yeah, well, that's a bad sign right there, isn't it? it's called "transformers, revenge of the fallen" is in theaters now. josh duhamel, everybody. thanks, josh duhamel. we'll be right back with tracy hutson. the clock ticking. the 72 hour sale is on. with zero percent apror 72
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♪ hi, there. still to come on the show bat for lashes will be here. our next guest is one of the hard working team of designers who endure tight schedules, gruelling conditions and ty pennington shouting at them
12:46 am
through a bullhorn every week on "extreme makeover, home edition". her new book "feathering the nest" is in stores now. please say hello to tracy hutson. [ cheers and applause ] for those of -- thank you for coming. for those who don't know, you're the designer on "extreme makeover, home edition". >> yes, i am. >> which means you decide what goes into the home. >> yeah, i'm part of a really great team. i have been on the show since the beginning. >> how do you become a designer? as a child are you renovating your barbie dream house? >> you know, honestestly, yeah, i was the dork, the goof ball who was pretending that i was an interior designer, my grandmother was an interior designer. i decided it was fun. >> really, your grandmother was an interior designer? >> that is true.
12:47 am
>> i didn't know they had interior designers back then. >> how old do you think i am? >> well, you think of interior designers, i think of them as starting in the '80's. >> maybe a decorator. texas term. i'm from texas. >> i got it. you started doing this. how do you wind up on that show? >> oh, my gosh. again, i'm from texas, i came out here, started an interior design business and then i got a call from one of my manufacturers. and they said -- >> you were manufactured? >> no -- okay. let me explain this. >> okay. you feel real. >> i'm real. i'm not a robot. so when you design things and you have furniture that needs to be built. >> right. >> i got a random phone call, they said that there was someone that remembered meeting me there a couple of years prior, i thought it was a creepy phone call. forget it. i went out with my girlfriends that night, a couple of beers later, i said i'm going to call. i turns out it was a pilot for abc. they followed me around for three days and then here i am, going into my seventh season.
12:48 am
>> whenever you hear a story like that -- >> i know. it's so random. >> whenever i hear a story about that somebody got discovered as a model and they got a creepy phone call, they always return the call or go to the office of the creepy guy who approached them at the mall. >> i know, i know. >> so i guess it's a great lesson for young women. >> right. the creepy guy can pay off. yeah. >> sometimes roll the dice on the creepy. >> it wasn't really creepy -- >> you -- i found this interesting, you lived on an indian reservation. >> i did. >> how did that happen? >> oh, my gosh, so i thought that i would move to los angeles and i'm driving out in my pickup truck with a friend and got cold feet basically and ended up in arizona selling jewelry. >> really? >> in a trailer with no running water. chief yellow horse hooked us up there. i know, it took me four months like you're completely insane.
12:49 am
get back in the car. >> did you redo his wigwam for him or anything like that? chief yellow -- >> the trailer looked very nice after i left. >> do you keep in touch with chief yellow horse? >> he's passed. he has. but his legacy live on. >> oh. >> if you drive by the grand canyon, you will see the sands where i once hung out. >> and sold julie. was it that crappy turquoise -- >> i didn't make any of it. it was interesting. it was a really interesting, soul-searching adventure. full of adventure. i'm not quite sure how i ended up there. >> where did you bathe if you had no running water? >> a truck stop. >> really? >> yeah, yeah. funny you bring that up. you'd have to pay $1.25 or whatever. it didn't last long. okay? >> how long were you there bathing in the truck stop? >> the actual bathing process? >> you know what i mean. >> it was cold. it was cold. >> it was cold on the indian reservation. the whole indian reservation. >> it was a handful of months. it was about four months. >> wow. that's a lot of time. you must have seen some magical things in the truck stop
12:50 am
bathroom. >> oh, lordy. >> and now you have collected them all in this book. [ laughter ] >> my memoirs. truck stop bathroom. >> the book is about -- is this your baby on the book? >> that is my little felix. i have two boys. >> that's felix the baby. >> yeah. and oliver is inside. >> and felix on the cover and the front and the back? >> yeah. bless his heart, he was new. i had to travel all over the place, so he was in -- >> oliver is going to be furious. you'd think you'd put at least one on the covers. you know? >> he made it inside. >> clearly we know who your favorite is. >> come on. >> and this is how people can redecorate -- what, decoupage their babies? >> i have no idea. yeah, decoupage, plastering babies. i really -- i just was a little bored on maternity leave from the show. i'm like thinking of another project and i came up with this book idea. and i have no idea how i pulled it off, honestly.
12:51 am
you know, helpers, if you will. but i just -- i mean, i'm still shocked. >> so it tells people how to decorate the baby's room. >> yeah. >> not to have sharp things there. >> safety. >> is that true, you should not have sharp things in the baby room? >> no, actually it's very trendy to have knives. >> is that right? >> no! you can't have sharp objects around a baby. >> mobiles made of broken glass, et cetera. >> there's none of that. >> there's none of that. did you actually do this along as you were doing the baby's room? you went and that's how you did it? >> yeah, i came up with the idea and designed a few rooms and there you go. shot and -- >> i don't know if you know about this, but the title of your book is "feathering the nest". there's another book called "feathering the nest". i know you're going to think this is a joke, but this isn't a joke. this is a real book. they have it for sale on amazon. here it is "feathering your nest, an interactive workbook and guide to a loving lesbian relationship". [ laughter ]
12:52 am
so you did not write this one? >> no. but, you know, it could come in handy. you know? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> give me this. yeah. >> if people want to buy either of these books, they're at the bookstore, whether you're about to have a baby or about to become a lesbian or both -- >> right. >> "feathering the nest" is the title of both of them. thank you very much. tracy hutson. when does "extreme makeover" come back? >> it's on sundays. we started shooting. they're surprising a family tomorrow. i'm on the next bus out. >> well, happy surprise to that new family. we'll be right back with bat for lashes. for many with arthritis pain, not treating is not n option. alprprescription nsaid pain relievers, like celebrex, ibuprofen and naproxen, help treat arthritis pa and have some of the same warnings. but since individual results may vary,
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hi, there, we're back. tracy hutson is here. this is her new cd, "two suns". here with the song, "daniel", bat for lashes. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ daniel when i first saw you ♪ i knew that you had a flame in your heart ♪ ♪ and under our blue skies marble movie skies i found ♪ ♪ a home in your eyes, we'll never be apart ♪ ♪ and when the fires came, the smell of cinders and rain perfumed almost everything ♪
12:58 am
♪ we laughed and laughed and laughed ♪ ♪ and in the golden blue cryin' you took me to the darkest place you knew ♪ ♪ and you have set fire to my heart ♪ ♪ when i run in the dark, daniel ♪ ♪ to a place that's lost, daniel under a sheet of rain in my heart, daniel ♪ ♪ i dream of home ♪
12:59 am
but in a good-bye bed with my arms ♪ ♪ around your neck into our love the tears crept just catch in the eye of the storm ♪ ♪ and as my heart ran round my dreams ♪ ♪ pulled me from the ground forever ♪ ♪ to search for the flame for home again for home again ♪ ♪ when i run in the dark, daniel ♪ ♪ to a place that's lost, daniel ♪ ♪ under a sheet of rain in my heart, daniel ♪ ♪ i dream of home when i run in the dark, daniel ♪
1:00 am
♪ to a park that's lost, daniel ♪ ♪ under a sheet of rain in my heart, daniel ♪ ♪ i dream of home ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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hi, there, we're back. tracy hutson is here. this is her new cd, called "two suns", here is bat for lashes. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ you know my darling i can't stand to sleep alone ♪ ♪ no sweetheart in the dark to call my own ♪ ♪ you're my own, i can sing it, i can grow ♪
1:04 am
♪ but the darkness is a stranger in our lonely, lonely, lonely road ♪ ♪ ♪ last night's parties and fast night's heart has shown ♪ ♪ smiling and welling and kissing all i know ♪ ♪ give my soul, give my soul, sing it free across the sea ♪ ♪ lonely spell to conjure you but conjure hell is all i do ♪ ♪ lonely, lonely, lonely his


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